Service Times


Children’s Sunday School
Teen Bible Study
Adult Bible Classes
Morning Worship
*Children’s ministry dismissed after music for age appropriate teaching classes
Evening Worship
AWANA (September – May)


6:45PM  (Open gym until 7:15)
Kids Club
Youth Group
Adult Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

What should I expect?

None of us “have it all together”

That’s probably why we make such a close family, because we’re all growing in grace. Every single one of us is a work in progress.

We would love to meet you

When you walk in, we’re glad to see you! Don’t worry about having to “measure up” or “fit in.” None of us really measure up, and we’re all very different. Our church family welcomes diversity, so fitting in isn’t an issue.

We’re not really very religious

It may sound strange coming from a church, but honestly, empty religious practices have let a lot of people down. Religious structures and systems are confusing, complicated, and disconnected from real life. We would love to help you move from “religion” into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

We Present a simple message

We worship Jesus, we believe and study the Bible, we encourage each other—and we do it all in terms that are understandable and that  connect to your everyday life.

We really are just regular, friendly people

“Religious” people often come off contrived, artificial, and argumentative. You won’t find that at Bethel. We are real people just like you. We are trusting Jesus with the struggles we face each day and trusting God to work in our families and in our community.
If you’re looking for encouragement, thence are in the right place. We want you to grow in your faith and connect with some good friends who have faith in Jesus Christ.